About BoS#4

In this session we would like to dive deeper into the strengths of creatives from the CCIs and the relevance of Open and Cross Innovation for the implementation of the SDGs. Facing the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) world, which may also be described as vulnerable considering the current pandemic and the urgent need for sustainable action, agents of the CCIs are predestined to play key roles in finding appropriate solutions. We heartedly invite you to discuss our paper with us and the urgency to help new effective innovation approaches and ecosystems come into being and to explore the role of public intermediaries within this context. We are driven by meaningful innovation through Cross Innovation and are grateful for fruitful exchange on the further dissemination of this session's underlying paper into a Non Paper.

Day: 14.10.2020
Reception: 9.30
Time: 10.00 - 11.30

Host: Egbert Rühl, Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft
Jenny Kornmacher, Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft

Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, Principal at Kaospilot
Julia Lohmann, Designer & Researcher
Daniel Thorpe, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research

Download Green Paper BoS#4: Sustainability

Organisers & Contact

„Framing Creative Futures“ is a collaboration of the of the European Creative Business Network, the Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy and the Competence Centre for Creative Industries in Germany.

The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) is a annual conference by and for the European Creative Economy. Therefore, ECBN as the project owner, works with local organisations every year to organise this annual ECIS summit in parallel with the EU presidency.

Schiekade 189
3013 BR Rotterdam

The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) was founded in 2010 by the European Creative Business Network (ECBN) as a conference for creative professionals and intermediaries to discuss the conditions of the European cultural and creative economy. Today the ECIS is the biggest annual cultural and creative industries (CCI) summit that gather more than 200 experts from Europe in the capital of the current EU presidency. The conference is intended to provide information about current developments in the CCI sector, but also to work out possible solutions and to discuss European politics.


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