About BoS#1

Culture connects ideas and bridges differences, in order to bring people together who would otherwise never come in contact with each other. Culture and the freedom of artistic expression are also the basis for an open and democratic Europe as well as the underlying idea for the free movement of people and products. In the opening of this year’s summit, the #ECIS2020, the mayor of the city of Bergamo, a city cruelly hit by the virus, is reaching out to Europe to demand solidarity. Bergamo asks for solidarity with its cultural sector, which highlights that culture can be a perfect way of demonstrating our solidarity with Bergamo.

Now it is time to organise the next step of united action. The time for Europe has come to be more than only frugalism or austerity measurements we – are – in – this – together.

Day: 24.09.2020
Reception: 9.30
Time: 10.00 - 11.30

Host: Ugo Bacchella, Fitzcarraldo Foundation
Moderator: Alessandra Gariboldi, Adeste Plus
Performance by Francesco Micheli, Director Festival Donizetti Opera

Read Green Paper for #BoS1
Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo
Katrin Habenschaden, Mayor of Munich
Giovanni Fosti, President Fondazione CARIPLO
Christian Ehler, MEP

Experts for BoS#1:

Dr. Florian Drücke, Chairman & CEO, Bundesverband Musikindustrie
Fátima São Simão, UPTEC Porto
Michal Hladky, CIKE
Andre Wilkens, ECF

Organisers & Contact

„Framing Creative Futures“ is a collaboration of the of the European Creative Business Network, the Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy and the Competence Centre for Creative Industries in Germany.

The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) is a annual conference by and for the European Creative Economy. Therefore, ECBN as the project owner, works with local organisations every year to organise this annual ECIS summit in parallel with the EU presidency.

Schiekade 189
3013 BR Rotterdam

The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) was founded in 2010 by the European Creative Business Network (ECBN) as a conference for creative professionals and intermediaries to discuss the conditions of the European cultural and creative economy. Today the ECIS is the biggest annual cultural and creative industries (CCI) summit that gather more than 200 experts from Europe in the capital of the current EU presidency. The conference is intended to provide information about current developments in the CCI sector, but also to work out possible solutions and to discuss European politics.


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